OD Projects are currently working on refurbishing 111 bedrooms at Cheltenham Park Hotel. Due to the refurbishment, there is a lot of furniture that would be going to waste. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, we have involved the FRP (Furniture Recycling Project) charity. Their volunteers have collected 80% of the unwanted furniture for the benefit of those who are in desperate need. FRP has been an independent charity for 19 years now and August 2016 will see its 20th anniversary. FRP has reached momentous landmarks during the years, having supplied 218,086 items and reused over 5,028 tonnes of furniture and electrical items for the benefit of the community. This is the equivalent of 838 male African Elephants!

Not only are they diverting goods from landfill, in doing so, they are making significant Co2 savings with 371 tonnes prevented from entering the atmosphere. Reviewing their total Co2 savings to date, this has reached a staggering 5,876 tonnes.The above image highlights the positive impact that this has made over the years.

OD Projects will continue to donate all old furniture to the FRP in the following phases at Cheltenham Park Hotel, we urge others to do so as well as it really does make a big difference! If you would like more info, find out where they are based, or find out how to donate to FRP yourself please visit http://www.frpglos.org.uk/.